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Obrasa - Architecture & Design

Architecture & Design

Our work is mainly specialized in residential projects as villas, independent housing and multi-unit developments. Giving the customer the opportunity to offer, location and management of land, plots, villas to reform, reconstruction or construction and project design.

In Obrasa we offer all the required services under one roof. Our extensive experience will allows us to offer our technical and design team, a wide range of design options for houses, to develop according to customer specifications, offering from the first sketches, to decorative 3D projects where they can see the results of the work before starting them. This way, customers can optimize both costs and time during the construction phase, with a better definition for the initial phase.

Our design team is accustomed to work with international architects because of the high percentage of our customers living outside Spain, converting the information to the Spanish construction regulations; our technical team is responsible for working with them and will be able to develop and confirm any point or question that has to be solved.

In Obrasa we offer interior design services, landscaping and design of buildings, housing estates or cottages. We can also coordinate our design team with the client chosen interior designers.

Our structure

Our corporate structure is comprised of the following departments:

  • Technical Department: (architects, quantity surveyors).
  • Décor Department (interior designers).
  • Quality control department.
  • Administration Department.
  • Management Department: (licenses, permits, etc.).

The perfect organization of the departments and areas, enables us to realize their ideas at the lowest possible cost, with the highest standards of quality required.

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