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Decoration project in Costa del Sol

Decorating projects

Obrasa is a company dedicated to architecture and high decoration, with a large experience of technicians in the sector.

We offer a wide range of products and prestigious brands in kitchens, bathrooms, floors and walls, cabinets and doors, designer furniture, lighting, accessories for decoration, furniture, etc.

We work with international brands in the industry, providing our customers a selection of ideas for your home or space, plus the convenience of having a single contact for the entire project.

Interior design projects

We have a department specialized in comprehensive interior design projects for homes, hotels, offices, clinics, shops, etc.

Through our work in computer graphics, we can advise on the overall plan of your home, with the great advantage that with one team of the same company can design and purchase all necessary equipment for the interior of your home or materials space (lighting, furniture, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, decorative elements, doors, etc.).
We also have staff who can run and coordinate their work so that you do not have to worry about anything, just to approve the proposal of our design team.

Our decoration department consists of front-line professionals, experts in each of the areas of design and implementation of each project.

We offer coordination of all project phases, from the transformation of spaces through the distribution and lighting up the direction and execution of the works including the management of the necessary permits. We understand that providing good service begins with understanding customer needs.

services we offer

  • Development of interior design projects and image.
  • Advice on the layout and decoration of spaces.
  • Lighting study.
  • Selection and management of purchasing furniture.
  • Design and production of furniture and decorative elements.
  • Image and sound.
Home automation.
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