Environmental Management Policy

Promote continuous improvements in the company’s environmental behavior through the establishment and application of environmental management systems, the systematic, objective and periodic evaluation of the operation of the Environmental Management System, and the involvement of all our employees in this task. Compliance with all applicable legal requirements regarding the environment.

Dissemination of information on environmental behavior.

Open dialogue with the public and other interested parties, and the active involvement of staff in the organization, as well as adequate training.

Identify and satisfy the needs of our clients, executing the works in the foreseen deadlines in an efficient and economically viable way, using technologies that respect the environment and safe and non-discriminatory work systems.

Satisfy the needs of our collaborators, carrying out a strict control of working conditions, guaranteeing the highest level of occupational health and safety and adequate training for their integration in the workplace and in the organizational, economic and social environment and putting priority on the development of our activity accident risk prevention criteria to economic or production criteria.

Attend especially our relationship with suppliers and collaborating companies, trying to establish long-term cooperation and reciprocity links.

Strictly comply with the contractual requirements of the client, our collaborators and suppliers and with the legislation and regulations applicable to our activities, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the commitment to satisfy other requirements acquired voluntarily.

Protect the people and the technical, economic and information resources of the organization and the technology used for their management, against risks, internal or external, deliberate or accidental, in order to ensure equal opportunities, their integrity, privacy , availability and reliability.

Continuously improve our activities, making an effort in the development of innovative projects, with the aim of increasing the satisfaction of clients, collaborators and suppliers, meeting their expectations, preventing and reducing occupational health and safety risks and environmental impacts and displaying management values and social responsibility through competitive and innovative solutions.

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