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Obrasa, a company constituted in Malaga with the aim of being a reference in the construction, interior design and luxury villas development sector.

Since its foundation, our main focus has been working hard to provide the highest levels of quality, maximum efficiency and full compliance with the needs of our customers. Aspects that have allowed us to consolidate today as one of the leading companies in the sector.

Our team is expert in coordinating all the necessary operations during new buildings development as well as high quality reforms for the peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Awards & Certifications


Perform singular construction and execution of building works, especially for customers of different nationalities, always putting the quality and expertise in implementation.


Be prominently in the construction sector as a company resulting highly attractive to customers, investors, employees and suppliers, now and in the future. Our aspiration is not only to remain in the market, but to be leading it at a professional level.


Excellence, integrity, availability and a high spirit of collaboration between all people related to the company, work and personal life reconciliation, and exhaustive compliance with regulations and quality certifications.

Quality and involvement in each of our projects


The ideal department for our projects documentation. It is also in constant contact with the client to coordinate the work


Department in charge of creating harmonious, aesthetic and functional concepts.


An indispensable department for the correct execution of all our works.


Architecture and design, being part of the construction management, control and optimizing materials and budget.

Environmental control and management

In charge of proposing through the establishment and application of the environmental management system, in addition to the systematic, objective and periodic evaluation of its operation, involving all our employees in this.

Our departments

Obrasa is organised into departments composed by a group of professionals willing to deliver the best in each project.


Ensuring the correct organisation and communication between departments let us provide high quality standards in each project.

A close relationship with the client allows us to know all the details and ideas that you want to capture in your project, thus allowing a totally personalized treatment.


Our design and architecture services can be combined with the work of specialists who are collaborating with the client.

Our environmental Policy

Obrasa seeks to promote continuous improvements in the environmental behavior of the company, through the application of environmental management systems, this allows us as a company, to control and minimize all the impacts of our work on the environment, in this we involve all our employees thus achieving a responsible corporate environmental policy.

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