Environmental Management Policy

We establish the principles of our Integrated Management System to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and the commitment to the protection of the Environment and the occupational health of the people who intervene in our processes.

These principles are:

  • Apply concepts of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, defining and periodically reviewing our objectives, established in line with this policy, to ensure compliance with and exceeding the expectations of our customers, our employees and society in general.
  • Preserving the ENVIRONMENT as a task assumed, led and managed by the Management, adopting the necessary measures, within the activities carried out in our processes, to evaluate and prevent pollution, reduce environmental impacts and make a rational use of natural resources .
  • Ensuring HEALTH and SAFETY as a basic principle for the development of our activities, achieving safe processes, both for our employees and for subcontractors, clients and society in general.

The Management undertakes to provide the necessary resources to guarantee the above principles. These resources include adequate INFORMATION, TRAINING and ENSIBILIZATION of all personnel to ensure compliance with this policy.

The Management assumes the commitment to comply with the LEGAL, REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS and the APPLICABLE REGULATIONS both in matters of Occupational Health and Safety as well as in environmental and Quality issues.

The POLICY reflected in this document is REVISED and continuously adapted based on the legislative, technological and changing environment conditions in which we operate. Likewise, it is communicated and promoted among our employees for the acceptance of its principles.

Malaga, May 25, 2020.

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